Problem installing Cheetah for python 2.7 (The Python module Cheetah is required)


Really cannot find a solution to the problem i am having hopeing someone can help

I am trying to install SickBeard on my WD My Book Live but i am stuck with one problem i run the following to run sickbeard

/opt/bin/python2.7 /shares/Public/Software/SickBeard/

and it then says
The Python module Cheetah is required

I can run SickBead with python 2.5 and 2.6 fine but i am trying to use the torrent edition found here: -

which needs python 2.7

I have done this from default root directory but did not work same issue

any ideas been trying from days now?? :cry:

Thanks in advance

You can try if something exists through optware, although I think I remember that 2.7 never worked for me.

I would suggest just using Transmission or some other torrent client with a ‘black hole’ folder.

By the way, I am using bricky’s fork:

Thanks am now using and works fine with python 2.6