Problem in the voice of Hard

I Buy Hard
western digital
sata/16mb cache
Mdl: WD5000AAKS-007AA0
WD Caviar Blue

A month ago

But I hear from sound Hard

the voice like needle hurt Wall

needle spin on the wall

or  with the inside of a fish or organism:smileyvery-happy:

Hard high sound is heard

I want to know Does this sound normal
Or must be re-Hard to guarantee And replaced
I wish to respond honestly
So as not to lose credibility in the company

can you record the sound???

i dont understand very good sorry…

I will try
But sounds like friction
The disk spins or surround in a narrowness space

That original post could be in a poetry book or something.

 tului :

I do not understand you
 You are Makes a mockery of me or what


l Sent you the Sound in a Private Message

I wish to respond rapidly

tului is a great helper :slight_smile:

sometimes is serious another times is jocking but respect every user :slight_smile:

Indeed, I was joking a bit but certainly not mocking. I apologize if I came across as such.

i have already heard the sound

it seems that the head is crashing into the platters but doesnt get stuck

its a very strange symptom

No problem
I’m just worried about Hard
Because I programmed some of the important programs on the Hard
So I might get a bit nervous but I’m also an apology for misunderstanding
No problem Dear tului




If you put the sound in the phone (mobile)
Sound you will hear more clearly
Because I recorded the sound of my mobile

But the important thing you’ve heard the sound
After you heard the sound
What do you think I need to do
Replace Hard

Knowing that Hard is still in insurance 

and Thank you for all

I wish to respond rapidly

replace your hard drive as soon as possible

hope you cam recover the data

I went to replace the Hard Now

went to replace the hard
But I want a program to divide hard
Was formerly used a system
Then used the program
Partition Magic 8.0
Is there a program of the Company
Western Digital
Best to apportion the hard top 120
Is it possible to download the program link with an explanation of use

With the knowledge that a hard 500 GB

are you familiar with disk management in windows?

type diskmgmt.msc in the run  comand window

are you familiar with disk management in windows?


I want to partition hard from one of the programs written, and I hope to explain program
Is it the best in the division