Problem in the data transfer

I just bought my ShareSpace 4TB and it has been a nightmare.  After changing the cables to Cat5E I am unable to get any speed transferring files to the HD.  Transferring data from the ShareSpace  to my desktop is going through in about 8mb/sec.  Transfer from the desk top to the ShareSpace is about 200-300kb/sec.  This performance is not acceptable. BTW, I get the same problem transfering files from a harddrive connected to the ShareSpace directly via the USB.   I just upgraded to the latest firmware with the same issues still exist.  Any recommendations?  Thank you. 

Ive read tons of posts and it seems like the sharespace box is simply underpowered for what we want to do. Its NOT a software issue rather a hardware issue. WD claims it can do so much on its website, but when you actually purchase it and power it up, its a complete nightmare on all fronts. 

Please give kudos and accept solution!