Problem in Linksheet using?

Hello All

Kindly I need your support as it is my first time to use the themes on the WDTV Live Hub , and I spend lot of time reading before trying out this .

I am using the Black Mamba 1.9 and by the help of the ThumbGen bundle on it I have created linkedsheets for a group of movies (I need to test before I do on all my movies collection) .

Now I am having the following :

  • Hub SW is wdtvlivehub_3.08.14
  • My Movies are arranged so that each movie is on separate folder ,  example for a folder structure
  • [E:\Blueray Movies\2012 Movies\ Dark Knight Rises (2012)\ Dark Knight Rises (2012).mkv & Dark Knight Rises (2012).jpg )]  <<== Movie plus original poster
  • I have created the movie sheet I need then rename the generated sheet to be Dark Knight Rises (2012).mkv
  • For the generated sheet , I have place it in the upper move directory [E:\Blueray Movies\2012 Movies]
  • Also I have put copy of the sheet on the root directory of the hub under .wd_tv\theme .

It didn’t work as expected , I am not sure what seep is missing , or how should I see the movies view like this ,

I need it to be viewed like this one , but what I have is the only below row , and no info is appear

Many thanks in advanced for your help .

Note : Moves are on external Hard Disk , not the internal Hub Storage


Hello Zero,

this should be posted in the Black Mamba thread :slight_smile:

actually I have never tested functionality for Linksheets with Mamba 1., i don’t know if it works, I was blindly adding the suggested code. I don’t use the hub anymore so i couldn’t test it for you

  1. the location of your movies don’t matter with linksheets,

    the created moviesheet / linksheet must be copied into the theme root folder

    (…wd_tv\theme\Black Mamba…)

  1. you should get the new version “Goodbye Black Mamba”

manual for linksheet is included in the download

Agreeing (and repeating) some of the stuff Dev already responded to.

You should definitely upgrade the theme as Dev said/ Goodbye Black Mamba works great with Link Sheets. If I had to guess though, I would bet it is that you have the link sheets either named wrong or in the wrong directory.

If the movie name is Dark Knight Rises (2012).mkv, than the link sheet has to have the exact same name (including extension), and be in the root of the theme you are using, not the “theme” directory. Though I have not tested it on 1.9 either, the linksheet that you renamed “Dark Knight Rises (2012).mkv” should go in the “.wd_tv\Theme\Black Mamba by Devicious V1.9” directory.

I would just upgrade the theme anyways before you go through the whole process. GBBM looks and works great with the link sheets, both for the individual movies, as well as folders. The instructions are pretty clear and the bundle will help you out with Thumbgen.

Good Luck


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Linksheets requires a few xml edits which i bet are not pressent in 1.9

Thanks Dears

it is just now work fine , as i was putting the sheets on the .wd_tv\Theme\ root , not the theme forlder it’s self .

I didn’t use any xml editing , only rename the sheets to file and/or folder exact name , and add them to the theme directory .

I have another question here , do all themes are supporting linked sheets , as I try the same exact way one couple of other themes , and they didn’t work ?


linksheets does require an xml edit

to date, only 2 themes exist to my knowledge with these edits

black mamba final

coco linksheets

any other theme could support them, by adding the needed xml lines

Anybody know what’s causing this (i’m using coco-linksheet)

It might be an idea to post this question in the coco sheet theme thread.  Your question then remains relevant to that thread and if anyone else has the same problem in the future they can merely go to that thread and find the answer easily.

Also, you may find that your question is answered more quickly and the creator of that threme or someone who has a lot of experience with that theme wil be able to give you a more educated answer for you problem.

Not a criticism, just a helpful hint.

   Thanks for your response. While it may be a problem with “coco”, it’s definitely occurring with linksheets. Rather than putting this in TW’s lap, I picked a general linksheet problem thread. Hopefully, someone with knowledge on the topic will answer.(TW included, although he’s not responsible for all things linksheet related)

Sorry if you thought I was having a swipe at you - just thought that you may get better answer in that thread.

Have you looked at the actual linksheet to see if the jpeg is showing this?

Have you modified the xmls at all?  You may have asked it to put a poster or thumbnail over the linksheet.  

Just going through the simple things first.


From looking at the picture, it doesn’t look like you are using “Linksheets”

Why do i say this ?  Because your Moviesheet is also the Thumbnail

None of Coco Linksheets views contain Linksheet code for Thumbnails … Only the Backdrops

Remember: Linksheets don’t live next to your movie files.   They live in the Theme folder.

My Linksheet Explanation (Click)


   This was my first experience with linksheets. The directory for this movie originally contained thumbnails and moviesheets for a Dune, a Mede8er and the WDTV Live Hub. It worked very well except for the linksheet for the Hub. When I added it to the theme folder, the sheet would flash and disappear immediately. At this point, the hub had captured the thumbnail. I went back and erased everything except the movie iso. I then went back and tested using the hub. Thats when I got the result you saw.I think the hub caches the thumbnails. This so far has been an experiment to implement moviesheets for all 3 players. Thumbgen has been doing all the heavy lifting so far and I have just got to resolve these two minor problems.

Why does the sheet get overlaid with the theme (upper left corner and lower left) ?

It’s up to me to find out which of the other files is causing the sheet to disappear, and see if I can find a way around it.


The Linksheet “Disappears” because you are using a Movie.xml eg. Avatar.xml

You either have to delete it or disable the " title" tag inside it eg. 

<title>Avatar</title>  to <!>Avatar<!>

Why does the sheet get overlaid with the theme (upper left corner and lower left) ?

Because thats how Tinwarble Designed his Theme and the Thumbgen Movie Template. 

When using your own Thumbgen Moviesheet Template you will have to redesign it to Intergrate within the Theme

(eg. Move your Movie title text down and reposition or remove the aspect ratio flag)

or of course, … edit the Theme to suit your thumbgen template design.

Remember Most Moviesheet & Linksheet Themes are designed to go together hand in hand.

Theme + Moviesheet/Linksheet = Designed to work together

As soon as you either change/separate  the “Theme” or “Moviesheet/Linksheet” then you’re gonna run into graphical glitches.


   Thanks for the answer.I can easily prevent the xml from being generated by thumbgen as it’s not needed by Dune or Mede8er.

   Modifying the Coco xml to eliminate those items that interfere with my TG layout will take me a while but it’s do-able. Anything worth doing takes time.(I used to write html, so I’m not total without some skills)