Problem formatting a WD1600BB drive on Fostex D2424LV

I recently bought five WD drives from Ebay and I’m having a problem formatting them in a Fostex D2424LV MK1 hard disk recorder. The drive I’m currently using in the machine which operates fine is a Western Digital WD1600BB drive (160Gb) which is almost identical to the drives I bought from Ebay, even to the motherboard coding on the rear. I know the drives work as they are seen by Win7 and I’ve copied and read data from them. The Fostex uses its own operating system and should ask to format the drives as soon as one is placed in the unit, irrespective of whether its NTFS of FAT32 or anything else. The only difference on the drives that I can find is in the month of production and the following.

The drive that works is:

DATE: 26 APRIL 2007

The drives that won’t format are:

MDL: WD1600BB-56RDA0
DATE: 30 MAY 2007

The support guy at SCV who support Fostex products in the UK thought that there might be some BIOS command on the drive stopping them from being formatted. I guess the code difference might point to a Firmware difference but how can I find that out because the working WD1600BB drive is formatted in Fostex’s proprietary format that can’t be seen by Windows as far as I know. Will I have to save the data from the working drive and install it onto a Windows system (ie. formatting it via Windows and losing the data) to find out the details? As a point of interest I downloaded a utility called Disk Checkup. When it was assigned to my Acer Z5610 internal drive it read the details. When it was assigned to the non-formatting drive via a IDE to USB enclosure it had a ‘no entry’ sign through the icon and very limited details came up about the drive.Has anyone any idea how I might get these five drives working in the Fostex.

I should add that I’ve tried formatting them in the original caddy on the Fostex (ie. IDE1 position) and when it should respond with the command ‘To format, press REC + YES’ the macine never gets to that point, just saying ‘Please Wait’…although no activity light (red) on the machine points to the fact that no formatting is taking place. Also when the good drive formats, it begins a countdown procedure (from 154,000 one by one…27 hours).

Thanks for any help anyone might be able to offer.



I recommend that you contact support direcly for this issue:

Fostex support

WD support


I’ve just written to both parties you suggested. If I get a reply I’ll forward it onto here.



Well did you ever find out? :slight_smile:

I’m kind of in the exact same situation…