Problem finding Wd My Cloud Mirror via Wd Tv Live


i’ve just bought a new WD My Cloud Mirror 2T.

I’ve correctly installed it on my home network and i reach it in local and via internet using the related app and browser.

I can’t find it with my wd tv live on the network where i can correctly find and connect an old WD nas ethernet at 10Mbps.

Can anyone solve my problem?

Is it possible to find it via wd tv live?

Let me know.




Welcome to the WD Community.

Make sure that both devices are within the same network.

Also make sure that the drive is properly shared.


thanks 4 your answer.

My Cloud Mirror and WD Tv Live are in the same netowork.

I can ping they via a pc in the same lan.

My Cloud Mirror ha 3 folders shared in public mode read & write but i can’t find it via tv live.

I reach correctly an old WDG2NC10000

Thanks to everyone who will help me.


Workgroup names match?

Absolutely yes!