Problem Displaying tumbnails on WD TV Live Plus from a WD TV Live Hub

I have a Live Hub for a little over a year now, and I love it.  Watch ripped DVD’s off the drive and stream netflix. 
I dievied to put a Live Plus up in the kids room so they could watch their movies their when we wanted to watch something.  It will play the Moives stored on the hub and stream netflix but it will not display the thumbnails.  THey display fine on the hub.  No big deal for me but they can’t read yet so they look at the picture covers for find what they want.

My file structure is like this
–> Movies

–>Kids Movies
–> -->> “Movie title” folder

–> --> --> folder.jpg
–> --> -->  Movie tile.jpg
–> --> --> Movie tile.avi

Again everything works fine on the hub but the Live player doesn’t show the thumbnail
I beleive when I hooked it up and asked about the share and I picted Local network (or network share) can’t rember excately but then I go though -->Local share–>WDliveHub–>Kids Movies.  or something really close that. 

Am I doing something wrong or need to change my folder options?


Are you sure that you are choosing network shares?

If you select media server there will be some limitations 

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