Problem displaying cover art when shared with Readyshare

Hello all,
I have been using my WDTV Live successfully for a long time now with a local ext drive attached. When I upgraded my router, I wanted to put that external drive on the router’s USB port. After researching this all last night, I finally found out that I needed to add the media library as a Media Server (not network share) when using Netgear Readyshare. I have it working fine however all of my folder art (Photos) and most of the video cover art are not displaying. Does anyone have any Idea of how I can get this library to rescan and/or get the cover art to display properly? It all displayed perfectly when connected via USB.

If curious why I am setting it up this way…My plan is to buy another WDTV live for the basement and link that to the network shared media library.

Thank you so much.

You have to use Network Shares.