Problem detecting WD in PC


I’m having problems with my WD 1 640 Gb since i bought it. When i bought it i tried to connect it to my PC with an USB extension cable… And my PC didn’t recognize it. Then i tried to connect it to my PC directrly to my rear USB ports and it works perfectrly. I don’t know why… it’s an 2.0 USB WD i think (cause of the USB cable)… What could it be? Is any way i could connect it to my PC using a USB extension cable? it’s annoying to have to go to the rear of my PC, and connect it


P.D: I have the same problems with other WD Passport and WD Passport SE. But i dont have problems with Flash USB drives or other storage devices connecting them with the USB extension cable

The extention is obviously the problem. These drives are very sensitive to voltage. Don’t use hubs or extentions.


Ok :frowning: Thank you for the answer!!