Problem creating safepoint

I have two MBL 3TB drives (I got the second one as RMA just now), both running the latest firmware. The first have around 2.3 TB data on it, the second one is empty just like after factory reset.

I tried to create a safepoint from the first one to the second, but after a minute it fails saying: “Your safepoint could not be created due to a failed request. Please try creating your safepoint again.”

On the WEB UI its status is: “Invalid safepoint operation.”

If I try to update it , then it seems to start, but after a minute it says: “Your safepoint could not be updated successfully due to a failed request. Please try updating your safepoint again.”

Could anybody help me, please?

Thank you in advance.


For this one it might be worth raising a support request wotu Western Digital.  On the MBL goto the Dashboard UI and the support section then use the option to request support.

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