Problem copyng from network

Hi all, I have a strange problem when copy files from my PC to WD, but also when I use WD interface.

My pc stops to be connected to the lan. but WD is still connected and internet connection works well.

The only solution is to restart my pc (windows 7)

I hope someone can help me (I’using a Netgear DG834Gv5 router)

What if you set a static IP address to the Hub to make sure it’s not an IP conflict?

Not sure if this helps but I’ll give it a go.

When I am running wirelessly, my WD bug has a static IP address of (my router is

Other settings for this are picked up automatically as subnet, gateway as and dns

So, wireless connnection from PC to WD Hub works fine.

In the Network & Sharing Centre, go to Change Adapter settings, and go into the Local Area Connection properties.  Go to the TCP/IPv4 field, and Properties, and set this up to have a static address on the same subnet.  For eg subnet gateway preferred dns

Plug laptop into WB hub via ethernet cable, and on the hub itself change the connection from WIRELESS TO WIRED (no change in settings).

The great thing about this is you only set it up once.  As you unplug the ethernet cable, set the Hub back to wireless.  Plug it back in, set the connection to Wired for your large file transfers.  Easy as :slight_smile:

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thank for the suggestion, but I’m just using a static ip. the problem is still here. and It happens at random.