Problem Contacting Support by Email

I was trying to contact Support directly, but it seem I can’t get there anymore. The process seesm to get to nowhere from their website. I selected

Contact Us --English Email — Service and Support — WD Support Protal — Managed My Account  and it gave me 4 options as follows:

Product Replacement, RMA Status,Product Registration, Warranty Check. 

None of these is what I am looking for to ask my question (which I will make a separate post). I used to be able to get in touch with the directly about 7 months ago for help with the problem I have with my PAASSPORT. Does anyone know what happened or how to get there ?

Many thanks.

The page has been updated

I haven’t try to contact support ever since

let’s hope some one from WD post about this soon 

Hello Mate,

Check the link below, it has a step by step guidance to create a case:

Yes, the page have been updated and I am now able to create a new CASE when I was not able to before my posting here even thought I was following the steps to it. So it looks like someone from WD have fixed this problem pretty fast.

Many thanks.

Hi Awopero - thanks for the link to the steps. I did do as the link indicated before without joy until my posting here. So I guess someone from WD saw my post here and fixed the problem. Thanks for your help. Cheers !

Tried using the email support today.  After filling out the form, got an internal server error.

Tried logging out, logging back in, trudging through their form again, same internal server error.  

The error page advises that one option you have to resolve the issue is to email support.

I had a similar issue, however one I checked my cases it was showing the email I sent

it seems to be some type of bug