Problem connecting with the mobile device

I have th WD TV Live Hub multimedia player and I used to back up photos and videos from my android mobile phone. It was working ok but sundenly it stops connecting with my phone. Has anybody deal the same problem. I did reset the livehub and the phone but nothing. I also have installed the ultimate firmware update version 3.12.13.

Please help me

Thank you


How do you normally remotely connect to your Live Hub?  WD has had problems with their remote server for a few days now affecting numerous MyCloud users.  Not sure if this same problem affects your access to your Live Hub.

I was connecting through my mobile phone, samsung galaxy SII, using the application WD photos for android. Its very helpfull application because it automatically upload photos and videos from the phone to the WD TVLivehub and you dont have to worry about loosing them from the phone or taking manual back up etc.

It was working fine, as my phone was connected to a  WiFi network  with internet access (mine at home or anywere else) it was automatically connected to the Live Hub at home and upload all new photos or videos that I have taken until then.

Now when I run the application on the phone it searches for the Live Hub to connect but it doesn’t find it.

Thank you for your reply, I hope I gave you to understand the problem I have and hope you can help me out with this