Problem connecting wifi network

Firmware : 1.07.18

Most of the time, WD TV Live Streaming Media Player cannot connect to my wifi network, although I’ve a lot of devices (smartphone, tablet, tv box, mac) able to connect and stream video in the same room.

I go to the settings menu, then network settings, then either to network installation menu or previously connected wireless networks - When I try to connect, after a while, I get following message :

“Wireless Network Not Found” - “Unable to connect to the wireless network. Please make sure you have entered the wireless network name and password correctly”

I tried using an usb wifi key, same behaviour. The initial firmware when I bought it had the same behaviour. Power cycling does not solve the problem. Reseting to factory default does not solve it.

Have you tried restarting the wireless router? Disconnect the power, wait at least 10 seconds, then power it up again.  This will often resolve connection issues, even when other devices are connecting fine (or at least, haven’t dropped out yet!)

Another possibility is that you have already reached the maximum number of wireless connections permitted by the router.  This could explain intermiitent issues: it would depend on the number of other devices connected at the time.