Problem connecting WD My Book and Netgear Readyshare

I suspect this has been covered before but I couldn’t find it.

I just bought a WD My Book 4TB drive. I want to make it a network drive for backups. So I followed Netgear’s instructions, plugged in the drive power and connected the USB cable from the drive to my Netgear N600 WIFI router. Then I waited a few minutes and started the Netgear Genie. Under Readyshare it says “No USB drive”. Why is this? Are there steps I am missing? Thanks for any help.

Craig Z.

WD My Book is a external hard drive and can be used to connect with computer via USB port. As it’s a directly attached storage device so can’t be used as Network drives.

Have a My Passport connected to my RAX50 Nighthawk router as a Readyshare device BUT first it had to be reformatted to NTFS hope this helps

Please let me know if this fixes it as I am looking to by a much larger My Book drive to upgrade to a larger drive