Problem connecting My Passport 320, strange noise

I am very disappointed that my external hard drive stop working

I bought it few months ago and backed up tons of pictures and it was working fine until about a month ago

Now when I connect the external drive using the original USB cable to the same computer I have been using the drive for, it makes this strange clicking noise and the drive does get recognized by my computer (or my wifes laptop)

This thing did not even last for a year. Photography is my hobby and I was just using the drive to back up my photos (luckily I still have them all in my computer hard drive)

I can see the lights coming on when I connect the drive to either computers so I know it is not a connection problem and as I said I can hear rge drive atrying ! and then the clicking noise but nothing shows up on my compputer where it used to for few months.

should I just give up on this and buy a new drive?

PS I thought Seagate **bleep**! My previous Seagate lasted almost 2 years and I bought WD thinking this is a better brand but I was proven wrong.

has your my passport perhaps been dropped? because if so, we have same sentiment. i just had my wd accidentally dropped off and when i connected it to my laptop, it can no longer be recognized and as it processes, i can hear a sound like “iiiiik” from the drive.

not that I know of

unless my wife or my kids did and they did not tell me

it just **bleep** that this passport was not even that old

thanks for your input