Problem Configuring Roksbox to Make Use of MyBookLive on my Roku XD

I just installed a MyBookLive on my home network using static IP of  The shares are accessible from the local network and WD 2Go (both Droid and Web Access).  I was wanting to access the NAS from my Roku device and found that a private channel solution was available with Roksbox for $15.  My problem is in the configuration of Roksbox to access the NAS as a Web Server.

The configuration asks for three things:

  1. The http address for the web server, for which I enter (defaulting to port 80).
  2. The folder for the media, for which I enter Public.
  3. The folder(s) for the three media types of Video, Music, and Pictures.  Here I initially used Shared Music, etc.  I later renamed these shares to remove Shared from the name.

I have to enter a username and password.  For this I used the one for my MyBookLive user, which has full access to the public share.

It appears that the configuration items are accepted, but Roksbox does not find any of my media.

Anyone have any experience here?  Your assistance would be appreciated.  Thanks.

More information and guidance requested.

I looking at other information I was guided to check authentication via http.  I entered the following: and I get a 404 error.

Same error if I go for

Is there some trick to the way that the MBL file structure exists?  It appears that Rosbox is mapping to the same http as the last one.