Problem ... computer backup

I have my book essentials (2TB).  (Just got it.)  It backed up all the files it was supposed to.  Then I went to backup my computer in the control panel.  It doesn’t recognize that the hard drive exists although it does for the main computer window.  The control panel view (and computer window) recognizes my Seagate portable hard drive but not the WD.  I pulled the USB and reconnected and Autoplay doesn’t give the option to backup the computer as it does when I connect the Seagate.  The reason that I bought the hard drive was so I could automatically backup the computer on a schedule and not think about it plus the other files, obviously.  I tried uninstalling the software and no luck.

Anyway, I have a new computer and Windows 7.  Any info helps.



If you access Disk Management are you able to see your drive? To access Disk Management just right click on the my computer icon and select manage.

Yes, I did find it and nothing was amiss.