Problem Choppy sound

I just received my new WD Live TV hub and copied a couple of files on the internal HDD to test. The video (image) play well but the sound is choppy…

I have M2TS files, AVI files, MKV files and VOB files and they all have problem with sound…

I tried firmware 2.04.13 and 2.05.08, and have the same problem. The device is connected with HDMI

Any idea ?



I finally found my problem. The culprit was the HDMI cable!

hi i have experienced possibly similar  problems when watching music videos, whereby the music level seems to be ok for 10secs then lowers (dips) for 1 sec and then back to norm then dip again.


is this the same as your problem and if so can you please advise upon a possible solution?


thanking u in anticipation