Problem changing My Studio HD from Raid 1 to Raid 0 - SOLVED


I have a 6TB My Book Studio Edition II Quad Interface External Hard Drive (bought in 2011) running on 2012 Macbook Pro. I set it up as Mirrored Raid 1 and it has worked fine. I now want to change it to a Raid 0, to use all of the 6TB of space on the drive.

I already erased the drive.

My problem is only the mirrored 3TB shows up in Disk Utility and Disk Utility does not recognized the drive is a Raid 1.

I tried downloading the old WD Drive Manager (Mac) 3.1.0 utilities to change the Raid configuration, but after installing it on my computer it shows up as WD Drive Manager Uninstaller? And the current version of the WD software can’t “see” the drive (it does show up in finder and disk utilities just fine though)

Any thoughts?

WD Drive Manager was not in my applications folder, but found in the status bar and I was able to cahnge Raid configuration



Thanks for sharing your solution with the community.