Problem_Cannot firstsetup_using_9_digit

Problem_Cannot firstsetup_using_9_digit

I just bought the my cloud home duo, and tried to use the 9 digit to firstsetup.
The browser way keep saying not find my cloud home.
I login the the router, it can see the my cloud home IP.
Download the WD discovery, cannot help too.
My fds, any idea? it make me so confused. i thought it is so easy to setup and use…

Many tks if anyone hv the same experienced~


What network router are you using?
Is the MCH connected to the internet facing router or do you have two routers?
Is the LED on the MCH Fast, Slow Blinking or Solid White?
When booting, did is blink and few times and transition to Solid White?

i m using tplink AC1750.
My cloud home is directly plug to router using Lan cable from the box.

The LED is solid white after booting.

And yes, when booting, the led is blink and few times and turn to Solid white.



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