Problem by adding a new disk in the PR4100?

Hi all,

I had 3x 8TB hard drives connected in Raid5 since a year ago and this morning I’m trying to add the fourth 8TB drive
Steps I followed

  1. From the menu hybernated the unit.
  2. Unplugged current from behind unit
  3. Added the fourth disk
  4. Connected the power cable
  5. Powered the unit using the button

What I have now since 20 mins ago is the PR4100 showing the “Welcome” message in its display but not ending the initial power-on process. The fans continue staying at full speed while the led in the power button stays blinking which shows it is still booting… I have no access to the web portal so completely blind on what’s going on

Am I doing anythign wrong?

And by the way, what do I have to do next if finally boots up?

The only option to add a drive to existing Raid looks to be by:

  1. Change Raid mode
  2. Selecting Raid5 (even if already in raid5)
  3. Selecting "expand capacity of existing Raid)

But the warning message says ALL DATA will be erased while I supposed data would remain and it just reconstructs it?

Finally had to do that. Powered it off, removed the drive and powered on again. All working as expected so what came was a faulty drive which I’m returning to Amazon.

When the new drive arrives, Does the NAS recognize the new unit and asks for expansion of the Raid? or do I have to follow the steps on the first post? Hoping data is retained…!