Problem backing up data on WD drive (6tb)


After formating my new WD 6tb, I started to backup data in it via Teracopy and Explorer.

The disk was copying okay during the night…

Now in the morning after a reboot, the disk didn’t appear anymore.

Instead of displaying the 6Tb in now shows 2048 Gb GPT Healthy…

I don’t know what I have to do to make it appear again.

The disk is connected in USB via an external Icy Box.

Thanks again in advance for your feedback


What exact model of Icy Box? Not all of those adapters support drives larger than 2TB.

Hello Tony,

I will have a look to the model but what I can tell you for now that it’s not the brand “Icy Box”, its a generic one I guess.

But the fact is: it did recognize the 6tb since I was using it and its AFTER copying some files that it went back to 2Tb… Really strange and still stuck :confused:

Hello again
The model is Bluestork Hard Disk Dock Station
Now I tried with another WD Disk and was able to copy up to 2To of data by USB… after that I had the same problem as it did not let me copy anything … the disk appeard still as NTFS 6To but when I rebooted it appeared as 2048Go protected partition GPT and the letter access drived disapeared…
Cant put it inside the computer since it is plugged to an intel NUK

Don’t know what to do right now :confused:
help appreciated