Problem and queries about WD Dashboard


Hi Folks,

I installed a new WD Green SSD in to my daughters laptop and a fresh install of Windows 10 Home 64 bit (fully updated to the SCU). The WD Green SSD model string is WDC WDS240G2G0A-00JH30.

Everything seems to be working apart from the following:

  1. Installed WD Dashboard but it states that Life Remaining and Temperature are not supported. Is this to be expected with a WD Green SSD?

  2. WD Dashboard states there is a new firmware version available (current version is UF360000) but when I click on the link the dashboard states the PC has no internet connection. It does - as I am typing this post on the same PC! :slight_smile:

Can anyone please advise?

Thank you for your help.



Hi Folks,

Is there anyone from WD who can advise on the above please?

Many thanks



I am not from WD, but regarding the dashboard issue #2, “no internet connection,” I have the exact same issue. My ssd is WD Blue 512.

Further, I used to have the same issue with “Life Remaining” and Temp. That is now recorded with the version.

However, I am not able to get SMART diagnostics to run. Sometimes it will start and say “failed”… other times is just reads: failed.

Thanks for your post. Hopefully, others have an answer or WD posts an answer


Thanks 5223. I have to say I am surprised by the lack of response from WD on this. It is a shame as WD are a respected name in storage - indeed I ordered 2 x WD Red 4TB NAS drives last night!



WD does not answer, they do not know how to fix this problem. They are like scammers, the technical data of their products do not correspond to the claims. The company in the decline probably does not have the necessary speculators.
I have such problems as described above, the write speed of the WD Green SSD is ridiculously small. This is the last product WD I bought, goodbye WD!