Problem after Twonky Update


I came up with the brilliant idea that it would be good to update the Twonky client on my NAS drive (My Book Live). I used the following instructions widespread on the Internet:

cd /usr/local/

mv twonkymedia-5 twonky5old

mkdir twonkymedia-5 cd twonkymedia-5



mv /usr/local/sbin/ /usr/local/sbin/


If there are any errors in this section, it is by the insertion.

The syntax in PuTTy was definitely correct.

Currently I have installed the version 7.0.5 because I had the same problems (more later) with old version but I have a license for it the current verison.

The problem is that Twonky doesn’t work!


Installtion problem up to this command.

MyBookLive:/usr/local/twonkymedia-5# mv /usr/local/sbin/ /usr/local/sbin/ mv: cannot stat `/usr/local/sbin/’: No such file or directory

My solution: backup of the old file ( using WinSCP and rename it to I think nothig else to the command mv

When I reboot PuTTy brings a Fatal Error (Server unexpectedly closed network connection) but I think is normal

No access to “WD HDD IP” 9000/config possible

What I try

Original state with by restoring twonky5old (it doesn’t works too)

6.0.38 version installed

Version 7.0.5 installed (Both in the orignial state)

The point is why Twonky doesn’t start?

I tried it over /etc/init.d/twonky start -> Twonky media server not found

The checkmark in the Web interface of the NAS is also activated

So, it’s a bad situation for me.

No return and no way in front of me. I’ve already spent hours surfing the experiment and grateful for every tip.

I would have been glad if it’s the same state as before again.

Look for the other thread on this, twonky 7.05.  Evidently, for 7.05, the twonkymedia file was changed to another name; the solution given was to make a copy of the new name to the old name of twonkymedia.

I haven’t upgraded yet.