Problem adding files to WD Passport w/out deleting old files


I recently bought a WD passport for school because I am planning on saiving files that are multiples GB’s and I would rather have them on My WD rather than my computer so I dont fill up my hard drive so quickly.  So I am saving these files into a folder and then sync them onto the WD.  All goes smoothly the first time.  I will call these synced files “Files A”.  So now I go to delete Files A from my laptop so make more room so I can now create Files B.  When I go to add File B to my laptop using the add file button on the left hand of the screen, Files B will then be saved to the WD, but Files A will then be deleted.  Why is my WD syncing the enitre folder where I store these files and removing data which isnt there (File A). ?  Isnt there a way to just add files without removing files that are not on my laptop anymore? doesnt that defeat some of the purpose of an external hard drive?

  If I am unclear in my story please let me know.

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You Can sync the files A and File B at the same time but you should not delete the file from the computer since Sync is a Method which can Keep the data in the both location Laptop and HDD It will keep updating when any new files are added

Sync will replicate the same thing what is there on the laptop. So if you delete the files from the laptop this will also delete from the drive

The safest way to backup without deleteing the files is Copying and Pasting the Files A and Files B

Or Dragging and dropping the files from the Source Laptop to Destination HDD window.

This will help you to keep the Files on the dirve and delete the files from the laptop to make some room space to create new files.

Thanks for the help,  and i know this seems like a silly question to ask but where/how do I copy and paste these files.  When I open up the WD Sync folder to view files, I dont see the other files that are currently on there.  Are they hidden?

Ive posted a picture of my screen to help show where I am confused as to where to drag the files. 

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WDSync is a synchronizing software not a backup software, just like the Ipod synchronizes music from itunes, is almost the same.

It will encrypt your file as dml extention in the wdsync data folder, in order to see the files or extract you need to open up the software wdsync a black icon in the passport drive.

Do not use it for backup purpose, copy paste:!&p_li=&p_topview=1

Hi guys, I didn’t know that the WDSync isn’t a backup software. I synchronized the music from my laptop to the WD passport and then I deleted all the files in the computer folder. When I synchronized again the WD I lost all my music in the hard disk. There is something I can do to restore the lost files? Moreover the files were encrypted. tks Rò

This looks like a similar problem to mine, so I’ll keep this thread going.  Hope that’s ok.  I bought a WD Passport Essential, 250GB, to connect to my laptop running Win Vista.  I bought this for ONE reason only - NOT backup.  I record a lot of TV using Windows Media Center.  I want to move the recorded shows to the Passport to avoid their being deleted by WMC when it fills up.  The Passport 250GB should handle about 100 hours of TV.  

  Anyway, what’s happening is, I’m moving the shows from WMC to the Passport using the Computer>Public>Recorded TV path, which is where the WMC tv files are kept.  I “send to” the Passport, and the files are copied there.  Now, here’s the problem:  the Passport isn’t keeping more than 6 shows!!!   I’m not using any kind of sync function, and not using any kind of backup - just sending files to the Passport.  Obviously only a tiny fraction of the 250 GB is being used, so WHY is it deleting old shows when I add new ones, to keep the number at 6?   HELP.  Thanks!