Problem adding additional users

I need to add two different user profiles on the same PC that will be used by multiple end users. One profile (admin) would contain all of the public files and is the 1st profile setup. The second profile (manager) will be for the restricted documents. When I go in as the admin and add the new users, I can see the new users, respective shares, the email goes out and is verified. However when I try to sign in using the desktop app, I can only sign into admin profile and not the manager profile. How can I access the manager profile in the desktop app?

Hello Beetle1, you need you set the permissions for the user that will access both shares. 

I’ve already set the permissions for the 2nd users. I can see the 2nd users on the dashboard when signed in as the 1st user, however the desktop does not show the 2nd user or give the option to sign in as the 2nd user.