Problem accessing over cellular


I have a MyBook Live, firmware all up to date etc …

I am trying to access the drive using my iPad4 and this works perfectly fine when I am at home on my local wifi network. However I cannot get this to work at all when out and accessing either a hotspot wifi nefwork or over 3g / LTE.

I have tried reinstalling both WD photos and WD2GO, setting up only over cellular with activation code but nothing seems to work. WD Photos always reports “Network Connection Failure (1)” and WD2GO just reports that the drive is off line. 

My iPad has network connection, browser and all other apps work, etc … so this just appears to be a WD Live / WD Photo only issue and just when on non-local wifi. I have seen others reporting this issue but cannot see any clear answer. I assume it is not expected that this should only work when at home?

In case it helps, when I use an activation code this shows as having been accepted on the WD Dashboard and shows my iPad as connected, etc … but this makes no difference. 

Any help appreciated.




check to see if the ports 80 and 443 are open…

Make sure that your firewall settings are allowing the connection…

I’m having this problem as well. I’ve posted this elsewhere - probably the wrong section. I’ve only had my MyBook Live Duo setup for a few days, so I’m new at all this.

My wife & I both have the WD2go and WD photos apps on our Android phones. Her phone can connect with no problems and no authentication code necessary over the 3G cell network. When I try to connect via 3G, I get a message saying ‘User does not have permission, (403)’ I can connect if I obtain an authentication code and input it manually, but that only lasts for a day, and next time I try, I get the 403 message again.

I can connect via wi fi no problems. Does anybody have any ideas?


Cheers, Lindsay.