Problem accessing Network Storage Manager ant data on a WD ShareSpace 8TB (raid5 configured)

Problem accessing Network Storage Manager on a WD ShareSpace 8TB (raid5 configured)

before problem appeared: I start coping several catalogs from NAS through maped network drive, then I connect through web interface and try create simple user, but system disagree create user, so I  log off and try to login through another grand admin “admin”. System disagree to connect, so I try several times though I was sure about my password, without luck. So I connect one more time with usual grand admin… and its connect without problem. I try to create user one more time without luck. From this point I have several calls from users which cannot connect to share folder on the NAS. So I try to connect to maped net. drives and this time I can’t. I restart NAS several times but now I can’t connect nor mapped nor WEB interface. Login screen always opens but when put login information the blue login screen just refreshes without going any further. If i put anything in login fields, system promts about wrong login info. So another my step was soft reset system, but no luck. Everything same. In all steps WD discovery did’nt find NAS, but from webinterface or in network shares i can see NAS. From CMD I can ping NAS. Everything was try on several computers, with several routers, with several switches, try straight conect computer with NAS… allways same.

I need get information from this NAS

please help.

Hermes101, maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


Yes, I did it before posting here. But I still have not got answer because weekend and I need information from it ASAP. I resolve my problem by connecting all hards to computer and run RIPLinux. So got all info from it. so now I give them back this NAS.

Thanks for reply