Problem accessing NAS drive, when ISP have a problem with internet connection


today, our ISP had a problem with internet. So I was offline for about 2 hours. I wanted to watch a movie from MyCloud EX2 connected on local network, but I wasn’t able to connect to it from Infuse (application for playing movies on Apple TV 4 or iPad from network). When the internet went back on-line, it started to work again… Any idea what might be wrong?
At that time, I was able to connect to NAS from iMac or Windows. Only Infuse didn’t want to connect and play the movies. However, I don’t think it is Apple TV or Infuse problem, since I was able to connect to other network devices. Only WD My Cloud EX2 had the problem.

Apple TV -
NAS WD MyCloud EX2 -
SMB connection

Any idea?