Problem accessing MyCloud Home Duo through macOS finder

Hello everyone !

So my S/O just bought a MyCloud Home Duo NAS as a centralized data storage solution for our home network.

She set it up when I was away so I didn’t get to see what she did…But it seems at first like she may have done it right (by the book).

The device is accessible through the mobile app, web app, and on PC win10 (mine) it just works as designed through the file explorer and the desktop app.

But on her macbook pro, it’s another story…

First, the myCloud appears in the finder as a mapped network drive would on windows (I’m not very familiar with macOS btw) but she (or I) can’t get access by clicking it. She instead is prompted to enter a user/pwd as a “registered user” or guest (no login required there but no access to her file list on the device). I spent a lot of time yesterday looking it up but no combination of l/p found on the web, WD support website or these forums seem to match.

The second problem we have is that on PC, I can access the MyCloud by just clicking the device name listed in the desktop app. It then opens the file explorer right on the network drive on which it is located.
But on her mac clicking the same icon doesn’t do anything at all. ?!?

Does anyone have a clue about what’s going on here? Could this be a macOS problem since it works perfectly on their microsoft counterpart?

Thank you kindly in advance for your help. Any useful advice really be appreciated. :smile:

Problem solved ! She just received an update of the WD discovery app and she now has access through the MacOS finder :smile:

Consider this topic closed!

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