Problem accessing 2TB Elements disc

I have just purchased a 2TB Elements External disc and tried to backup my Win10 PC to it using Acronis True Image. The backup appeared to be going ok but then stopped.
I left all alone for a long while but then found that the disc did not have an assigned letter. I duly assigned a letter to it followed with the CMD of format E; This all appeared to be ok until it stopped at 19%. Any attempt to repeat the format command is now rejected as is CHKDSK and it is not now showing in Explorer (the pc does still recognise it when plugging in)

Your help to resolve the problem would be appreciated.

Brian Bucklar

You can use Disk Management

You would suggest to use diskpart.exe to clean the drive first before partition the drive.

Many, many thanks for your help. At 86 years old I am more familiar with log tables and a slide rule but I have at last manged to retrieve my disc using diskpart. Great and powerful tool although the Microsoft Help is not always easy to follow (for me at least).
Anyway, never too late to learn and grateful thanks again.

Brian Bucklar

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