Problem accessing 2nd My Book

Alright I have looked through most the forums and found no solution to this issue so this is what I am dealing with.  I currently have a WDTV Live which is connected to my network and I am running Windows 7 which I have connected 2 seperate my books.  1 of these the WDT-B6C(B) which is a 1TB My book which has worked without any problems over the last year along side the WDTV Live that I own.  Just recently I added a 2 TB My book WDT-C3C(B).  I shared it on the network just as I had with the first my book.  When I go to network share in WDTV Live it finds both my books new and old.  I can open and access all file types on the old my book just like always but with the new one I can open it but it responds saying “Their is no media in the current folder.”  This is incorrect since their is already 400gig on it.  I need help understanding what I need to do and how I can resolve this issue. 

I have read about others with similar problems saying you need to share the indepdent folders within the my book.  Just to see I have done this and still the same results.  I can see and open the newly shared folders but I receive the same message saying no media in folder.  Along with this I am awair that this shouldnt be necessary.  Since I am sharing the whole drive their should be no need to share independent file folders.  Any help would be appreciated.

It sounds like the permissions are not correct on the FILES themselves.

You could try UNSHARING IT, then set up sharing again, and go set it to “EVeryone” again.

I have done both suggestions already, but thank you.  I have unshared and sharred the folder already and permissions are set allow for everyone.  The confusing part is the new My Book is set up exactly the same as the older one the only thing different is the network share name which makes sense.