Problem access shares


Sorry for my english, I’m French.
I have a small problem and I do not know if this is the last update of the firmware.
I have a directory that is protected by a password. Since I no longer able to connect so I can no longer see my files.
I changed my password but it always tells me that the drive is empty.

I complete my question: Is it possible to return to the previous firmware?

Can you help me?

Thank you very much


I raise my message. Is it possible to downgrade a firmware?

If so, where can we find?

Thank you for your assistance.

no, you need to send the device to WD RMA service

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Thank you for the reply.

Another question: If I completely reset the NAS, I lose all my information, but the firmware will remain the same He commend-or-know this too will be restored by an older one.