Problem access music files wirelessly on easystore hd

Hi, i’m on a 2015 macbook pro running big sur 11.2.3. the time capsule is 2tb if that helps.

now i use the time capsule as a wireless usb hub to allow me to connect to my music archive on the wd external hd. the wireless feature is turned off on the time capsule. it’s plugged into my xfinity Voice and Data Modem ARRIS GROUP, INC. TG4482A

i have a 5tb WD EasyStore hd plugged into a usb port on the time capsule, then the time capsule is plugged into an ethernet port on the xfinity router.

until recently, this worked fine. i could preview songs, then drag them to my desktop with no problems.

after i upgraded to big sur, i notice that random songs sound corrupted, just squeaks basically. i don’t know if big sur has anything to do with it, could be a coincidence in timing, because i got the easystore around the same time…what i discovered was that if i plug the drive directly into my macbook via usb, the songs are really ok. they play fine, and copy to the desktop intact.

so it seems that something is going wrong somewhere in the wireless lineup, and seemingly only with this drive. but i cannot figure out what. could it be something with this particular hd?

my previous WD drives (they are MyPassport) have the same files, and still work fine wirelessly. could it be something in particular with an easystore hd vs mypassport?

any ideas what i can check or do?