Problem accepting License Agreement

Yesterday, when trying to use the Dashboard on My WD Book Duo Live, the interface was on an endless loop of reloading the main dashboard page.  Pressing any option in the dashboard would just bring it back to the front page.

Trying to solve this, I ran the factoryRestore script with “noreformat” (since I couldn’t do anything from the dashboard) and it seemed to work fine.  But, now when I try to accept the license agreement, I get the following error message:
"Problem confirming acceptance of license agreement"

I have been previously able to use the dashboard without any problems, until yesterday I started getting the continuous front-page reload issue (which was my original problem).

I can’t get past this problem.  Can anyone advise?


Do you experience the same results when using different Internet browsers? Additionally, a Dashboard reset by means of holding the reset switch with a paperclip may be able to correct this issue.