Probably very simple

I imagine this to be a very obvious thing that I’ve overlooked here, but the manuals and other files have magically disappeared from the smartware folder of my my book live duo so I’m not entirely sure how it’s supposed to work:

I moved some files across initially by cutting them from one of my internal drives and pasting them into the public folder, this took a while because it was moving them wirelessly but eventually it was finished and the files were gone on my computer and present in the livebook. However, when I tried to use them in the livebook, they were unplayable (they’re movie files), and looking at the properties I saw that the files that existed in the mybook were maybe 100th of the size they should have been, which explains why they weren’t playing, but not why thesystem claimed to have finished transfering them. So, I’ve deleted those that were ‘moved’ across on the mybook and set about reacquiring the files, so I suppose my question is just the very basic: how do I go about successfully putting files on to the network drive, then accessing them to play them after they’ve moved?

You can look for the manual on the link below. You can copy files into the public folder just as you would with any USB memory, be sure that you were checking the properties for the files that you copied and not a shortcut to the file.

I’m so sorry to do this (post in the wrong place, about the wrong subject) but…

I can’t even see how to create a new post in these boards.  I don’t see a “post” icon anywhere.  Please can anyone advise?  Maybe I’m just tired and overworked, but I looked everwhere on and do not see a place to post a new question.  I know I’m probably just being an ■■■■■.

I set up my 8TB MyBook Duo.  I’m trying to set up wd2go for remote access.  I’m the only user “admin” and I’ve sent myself the setup email from the dashboard about 5 times now, but it never turns up, so I can’t even complete setting up the account.  That’s all I’m trying to get help with. 

Aplogies again.

It’s the NEW MESSAGE button in the top left, right under the search box.

There is no “new message” button under the search box.  It’s weird… I thought I wasn’t losing my mind.

maybe you have to make a minimum number of posts before you can start a new topic?

from the main forum page I see the same box everyone is talking about.

I got it figured out, thank you