Probably a stupid question

I loaded the software for MyBook Live on my laptop - and that laptop died.  I had backed up all my important files and photos on to My Book Live.  I am now on my wife’s computer, have her setup as a user, and can see the drive for MyBook, but the folders in “shared” are empty.

The dashboard shows I have 154 GB of data on MyBook.   How do I access it from another laptop?  I can’t figure out how to get my backed up data off of MyBook. 

If I can access it I don’t need to get my laptop fixed, which is what I prefer.  I have critical family photos on MyBok so I’m really worried.

Hate to ask stupid questions, but I can’t find the answer anywhere and I’ve been searching.  Thanks in advance.

Login as admin to the dashboard web site and given entitlements to share.

We have a KBA for retrieving your smartware backups here: