PRO4100 changed IP after update

This morning I found that the connection to my PRO4100 was no longer accessible. Checked power connection – all was normal. Scrolled device menu to find that the IP had changed to and address I was not familiar with. I have not changed IP provider, nor had my DHCP changed – all other devices on my LAN still used the 192.168.x.x. I tried to log into the NAS with admin credentials using the last known IP – could not connect. Then I resorted to the old fail safe of a manual shut down/restart. NAS came up normally and with the correct IP. Checked the system log to find that earlier this morning the system did a firmware update. Is this normal for WD update to reconfigure the IP on the NAS during an update, making the system useless?

If the address was 169.254.x.x, that’s called an APIPA address. It’s what many devices resort to if the DHCP server doesn’t respond with an address.