Private slow Public Fast


I have look here and haven’t found an answerer to my question so o will ask you.

I have set up an Private shares on my 2TB WB Mybook live and I want to transfer lots of GB in pictures but it’s doing slow.

Like 500kb/s.

But when I try to transfer the same folder with like 5 GB of pictures to the pre setup folder Public share it goes much faster.

Im connected with a wired to my router. And then router to NAS.

I have a 100/10 bandwidth and a pretty new router so should not be a problem, I do 8 Mbits/s when transferring to Public share so.

But I want them to my private share.

Not the best English here but you will understand my problem I hope.

Wow.   That’s *REALLY* freakin’ slow.

Yes, there’s some info floating around that the slowness on Private Shares is due to the use of WEBDAV instead of SMB/CIFS (just a theory right now.)

But even then, I get closer to 8 MegaBYTES per second; that’d be 130 times faster than you…

and I get 40-60 megaBYTES per second on public shares…which continues to use SMB.  That’s 60x faster than you.    Of course, that’s more because I use Gig-E on everything, but you should get at least 10X what you’re getting on 100 meg ethernet…

So I get between 60 and 130 times better throughput than you…  I think you may have some serious network issues.

Hmm okey,

So private will be slower then public but not this slow?

I try to transfer same folder to one pub and one priv and this is the result,

Have in mind I have just rebooted my router so no problem there what I can se.

504-Kbps/s from PC to NAS Private

8,9 - 9,3 MB/s from pc to NAS Public

what I can think of is that my router and NAS is in another room and there for I have I hole in the wall that my wire go throw and that wire is some bas shape, is that the solution?

Get a new wire from PC to Router?


Yhis is what i get from Speedtest

Western Digital did something that might explain the fast and slow issue.  Search this “My Book Live” forum for “WebDAV”.

If file accesses are going to sent through the web server within the MyBook Live then of course it’s going to be slow.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Workaround is on the device accessing the MyBook Live to disable any client software and services that access files on the NAS using WebDAV or at least make the WebDAV client the lowest priority option for the operating system to use so SMB networking services are always preferred.

What made a big difference for me was:

  1. Setting the QoS (Quality of Service) in the wireless router for the MyBook Live MAC Address to be at the highest available - with Netgear WiFi Routers at least, they assume all connected devices are only transferring files, not streaming media. As a result, the ‘low’ QoS was assigned by default. Traditionally the QoS is used for ensuring voice conversations on VoIP are not broken up by someone transferring a large file via the same wireless router.

  2. Set the IP address for the MyBook Live to be static.

Before I made the above changes I was getting broken video on replay, but now all is fine - WD should add these two points to their instruction manual, because it would at first appear that the issue is with the WD hardware.

Hope this helps.