Private shares disapeared

I was streaming a video over DLNA while backing up files to the MYCloud at the same time and suddenly my computer said file path not found. Then the video i was streaming stopped playing. I log into the dashboard to discover that all the folders I set to private have disappeared. Everything was working fine till now, and i didn’t change any setting on the dashboard. I am using firmware 2.30.181.

Has this happened to anyone else, and is there a solution to recover those missing private shares? thanks.

Hi deodeo,

You should refer below link:

thanks for the help, but I found a simple solution for this problem. I created a new share folder with the exact same name as the share folder that disappeared and the missing shares reappeared again, with all files still intact. I don’t know why the share folders disappeared in the first place. maybe the software is a little buggy, but I hope this helps anyone else that has this problem.

Firmware upgrade has a history of doing that. Intermittently…