Private Share

I recently created a private share for the My Book Live 3TB. I transfer some videos to the private share older and speed was slow. from 4 to 20 mb/s. While Public share go about 30 to 60mb/s. Anyone know why is that?? Its the save drive just different between public and private speed are very different? is that normal?

2nd is that I put in the private drive a 1.5GB file. And I can’t copy or move the file somewhere else. Is that weird?? Please help me and tell me if that is normal or i did something wrong

I’m not sure about question 1.

On Question 2, are you getting some sort of error when you try to copy or move the file?

yes, “Error 0x800700DF: The file size exceeds the limit allowed and cannot be saved.”

But for some reason, after I updae windows and restart my computer. It works now. transfer files fast and able to move large files without the error message. But all my folder in the private share have a hidden DAV. folder.

Its kind of annoying to have that in very folder.

Yes, I am getting that error, too.

It’s because WD is now appearing ot use WEBDAV in a lot of connections between a PC and the MBL, instead of the tried-and-true SAMBA protocol.

I have no idea why this is happening, but I get that (and several other) file system errors frequently now.

I have to go to each folder and deleted the DAV. folder. There is no more.

So updating network from window really works. Now it works good and fast.

Have you find a solution for the DAV folder??

Me thinks this has to be reported as a bug to Western Digital.