Private share not accessible from VISTA because of DOMAIN/user structure

I have setup my WD 6TB as RAID 1 and access this drive from my network with a Windows vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 pc AND with a macbook and other devices.  Vista will not connect to private share becaus it puts the domain before the username before it tries to login. I canot seem to prevent this from happening. Can anyone helpe me? 



Hi, can you access the public shares fine? Try using the WDlink app to map private share. 

Mapping a drive letter on a WD Network hard drive using WD Link

This might work…

When Vista asks for the user name put in the name of your MBL for the domain.



Check your slash too. I am pretty sure it is a \ and not a /.

Thanks for your reply. The problem is that next to vista, windows 7 and 8 laptops need to access this private share. And these systems do not use the domain prefix. I wonder why Microsoft uses so much different ways of connectivity.

I’ll definitely try this solution!

No idea why MS does what they do… probably something involving mantatees and beach balls with words on them.

Good luck!

This offers no solution. After linking the drive the windows authorising window appears and the same domain/user authorisation is needed. Can I switch off the domain construct?

There is no way that I know of to turn off the domain constraint. . . where you able to gain access to your shares using the \mybooklive\username method?