Private Directory?

Does any one know if its possible to create a private directory on the internal drive? i want to add content not sutiable for kids on the internal drive butdont know if its possibe or not.

Yes, you can password protect folders, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

All they have to do is restore factory defaults, and that protection disappears.

you can also create folder called:

.not for children

The dot in front automatically makes it a hidden directory. Hub wont see it. But at night when kids are asleep you can unhide i from PC, watch, rehide

Pain in the butt but works

ok thanx to both of you @  Tony can you tell me how and where i can set this password? im not worry about my kids reseting the device at the moment there only 7 and 5.


ok thank you will try it out.

I found it much easier to put mine on a seperate USB drive and connect it when I want to use it hide the whole drive in a sock drawer :slight_smile:

hey that a good idea i think i will do that instead thanx

ive done this but cant unhide it! help!