Private data in System Report zip?

Ive been asked to create a system report and send to WD. When I open that up I can see wdphotos.db and other db files. The wdphotos.db is 6mb - are these thumbnails? If so I don’t want to send those into tech support.

wdmc.db = 350mb. Whats in this?

Are there any other files that contain private data?

“.DB” files are SQL database files. You can review the file contents yourself prior to emailing the files to WD if you desire by using a Database viewer program (like this free one).

Thanks. That worked well.

FYI, wdmc.db contains full paths and filenames of all files on the device. If you are like me and use very descriptive names, then knowing the path and filename could say a lot about you or your business that you would prefer not to share with WD. Your call.

I didn’t dig into the wdphotos.db as tech support didn’t need this file.