Printer paused using WD Print Share

I’m using an HP laseject 1320 with WD Print Share.  I have it set up for autoconnect and it works fine most of the time. 

However, on multiple occasions nothing prints and the printer status is indicated as “paused”.  If I go to the control panel /printer driver window and change the status from paused by “unclicking” this, it immediately reverts back to “paused” and still nothing prints. 

Meanwhile, when the printer is plugged in directly (or if I use a different print server that I’ve used in the past), I never have this problem.

If I disconnect the printer from the router and plug it in to my computer directly it drops the paused status, and then I can replug it into the router, reconnect…  But this defeats the purpose of using the remote print share.  

Any suggestions on how to avoid this problem?

By checking the supported printers I see that the model number comes up a bit different for the one tested with the My Net Router.

Is the model number LaserJet 1320n?

We also recommend ensuring the Router has the latest available firmware install to avoid any issues.