Printer "Not Ready" - Drivers not Found

I have an HP DeskJet 970cxi printer.  I have plugged the printer into the WD900 and installed the software.  My printer shows in the list of recognized printers as “Not Ready”.  When I right-click on the printer to “Auto-enable” I get an error message telling me to install the driver.  This is a “Plug and Play” printer that is supposed to self-install the driver.

Any hints?



OK - this is a user error case.  Or, a user misunderstanding case.

I have always used this printer as a “shared” printer via my desktop.  Therefore, I had NEVER directly plugged my printer into my laptop.  So here is my learning…

A Plug and Play printer has to be plugged (individually) into EVERY computer that will be using the printer through the USB port on the WD router.  I somehow thought that the drivers would be held in storage on the router itself.

We have installed WD Print Share on every computer we are using (we have 5 in the house) and have “auto-enabled” every computer to use the printer.

I’m glad this forum is here, even though I figured out it was my mistake!!!


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I’m glad it was resolved.


i have also faced the problem, please give me some hint.