Print Server Plugin?

I think this is very good device, but it lacks a feature that other brands have. A Print Server Function that allows to use a usb port with a printer to make it available in the lan. Is possible to add this function in My Cloud OS or make a plugin that give us this function?


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Will this ever be possible?

I found a viable workaround. I went to the cloud config page -> Apps -> App Store and installed the “Virtual Here” server. Then I plugged my printer to one of the rear USB ports. I downloaded a small client for windows 10 and voilá! Every user who have the client program downloaded is able to reach the remote printer like a local one. Only limitation is that only one user is allowed at a time, no spooling/queuing for simultaneous printing. Users have to “release” the printer after printing to make the printer available for others. The client program indicates that someone else is currently using the remote printer or is it free to use.

Yeah, but it’s paid and it’s not cheap.