Previously perfect SMP now extremely flakey

I’ve had my SMP for about 4 months now and overall have been pretty happy with it. Like many people here I’ve had my fair share of minor issues but have been able to resolve these.

However last week the unit has become extremely troublesome.

SMP Setup:

Firmware: 10.13

Network: Linksys WRT54G WiFi connected to HP ProCurve GB switches

Media Library: Seagate BlackArmour NAS connected to HP ProCurve GB switches

All movie content is MP4 apart from a few movies that are original VOB and a few AVI’s.

The Issue:

Movie playback is fine for all formats until the movie is paused. Then I get an error message on-screen; ‘Unable to play the selected file. Please see the User Manual for a list of selected formats’ along with the Green select button.

The movie is still clearly visible playing in the background behind the message dialog box.

On pressing the Green select (OK) the SMP will then show the last menu system that was used to access the movie; Dashboard - Recently Viewed, Media Library etc with a spinning arrow and the movie sound still playing. The sound will continue playing with the static menu image showing but the box will appear to be unresponsive. However normal operation seems to be partially functioning sometimes. Home will go back to the main menu providing the spinning arrow has gone away. Press/Hold power will turn off the box. Pressing the power button again will restart the box fine but to continue viewing I have to reselect the Movie and take a guess how far into the Movie when paused and type this in using the GoTo Time as the resume function is forgotten. The Movie will then play fine until it is again paused.

Now absolutely nothing has changed in the network configuration. As stated earlier this SMP has been working fine.

Yesterday I tried a factory re-set and set the SMP up from scratch again but the symptoms still persist.

Has anyone else experienced this?

This is a completely new issue that I can’t seem to find a solution, please help if you have any pointers.



Not here. But you can try a hard reset. to see if it fix that.