Preview View with Plot

A “Work-Around” until WD implements Metadata for ALL Views.

It was done by editing a " Movie.xml" eg. Battle Los Angeles.xml

Copy & paste the plot text into ‘genre’ then hit ‘enter’ to create a separate line.

@@filegener   (width/number of lines was adjusted for the extra text.)
added    disable_tail_dots=“1”   code so no ‘dots’ appear.

Genre in ‘Gallery’ and ‘Info’ view were adjusted (smaller Width only revealing the genre name. eg Action/Adventure/Comedy etc.)
disable_tail_dots=“1”   was also used.

All of the above does not effect the ‘Plot’ in any other views… (because the ‘Plot’ is referenced from ‘overview’)

At the moment, feasible for a small movie collection… but not a large one.
However… even if you dont ‘edit’ the ‘Movie.xml’  the ‘genre’ will still appear… but without the plot.

Movie filename was done with Tinwarbles method.

P.S. I know the ‘File Size’ looks strange… these movies are all in one folder… thumbs are PNG… tried it with thumbs that are JPG and then the “File Size”  is Correct… ‘Another Oddity’  (might just delete it then)  :wink:


Wow another great mod,  obviously the Easter weekend  'imbibement ’ hasn’t slowed you down.   Great work.